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HOW ACT RESCUED A NJ CPA Firm from a ransomware breach

Financial firms are some of the most attractive targets to cybercriminals and hackers. One slip, and they gain access to your entire network, holding your business for ransom, selling your client’s data on the dark web, or using it for identity theft.

One NJ CPA firm was breached late on a Friday afternoon, with no internal technology support available. They called ACT and our security specialists jumped into action. By Monday morning, they were back up and running.

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Why Accounting Firms Choose ACT as their Technology & security Partner

ACT has been protecting accounting firms for nearly 25 years. We have a deep understanding of your compliance requirements, how networks need to be configured, what data you need to protect, and which software packages you require. Accounting firms appreciate our turn-key solutions, our fast response times, and our professional engineers and technicians.

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  5. Every team member practices a service-first approach.

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The Trusted Choice for All Technology and Security Needs