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Every business is a potential target to cybercriminals, but accounting firms are particularly attractive due to the large amount of personal data stored on clients.

ACT’s Vulnerability Analysis identifies security gaps in your network and protocols. You’ll receive an actionable plan with best practices for securing your network and fixing issues before they become a problem.

Give us 10 minutes to show you how a Vulnerability Analysis can secure your practice. It’s free!

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Learn How a Vulnerability Analysis Can Secure Your Practice

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Benefits of a Vulnerability Analysis

  • Identifies where your practice has security gaps, making you vulnerable to phishing attacks, hacking attempts, and ransomware
  • Defines the level of risk for every security gap
  • Provides actionable best practices to correct issues before they become problems

Common Misconceptions About Security

  • I have a firewall; why should I worry?
  • Employees working from home have secured laptops, so there shouldn’t be a problem.
  • All our computers have anti-virus software installed, so they’re protected.
  • We use a highly-rated video conferencing platform, so it must be secure.
  • Our IT guy updates our computers and fixes issues when we call, so our network is secure.

All of these assumptions are false.

A Vulnerability Analysis locates the weak spots, and offers solutions to strengthen the security of your accounting practice.

Why Accounting Firms Choose ACT as their Technology & security Partner

ACT has been protecting accounting firms for nearly 25 years. We have a deep understanding of your compliance requirements, how networks need to be configured, what data you need to protect, and which software packages you require. Accounting firms appreciate our turn-key solutions, our fast response times, and our professional engineers and technicians.

Would you trade 10 minutes to save thousands of dollars every year?

I know you’re busy and I respect your time. 10 minutes is all I need to explain how our Vulnerability Analysis will help you identify your network’s strengths and weaknesses. There’s no risk and no fee. When we’re done, we’ll hand you a report outlining our findings.

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The Trusted Choice for All Technology and Security Needs