What is a Vulnerability Analysis?

ACT’s proprietary Vulnerability Analysis identifies where your network is vulnerable, where your practice has security gaps, and the level of risk each one carries. This security risk consultation includes ACT’s best practices for fixing issues before they cause problems, ensuring your network is as secure as it can be. There are a number of misconceptions about security

How It Works.

Highly qualified security engineers trained in the latest cybersecurity and risk trends will perform your Vulnerability Analysis. They work quickly and efficiently and complete the entire process remotely. After an initial discovery conversation with you, our security engineers will complete a detailed analysis, identifying all risks to your network and data.

Why ACT is the Right Partner.

ACT has been protecting accounting firms for nearly 25 years. Our comprehensive suite of technology services, combined with advanced security solutions, results in increased efficiency, profitability, and dependability.

Common Misconceptions about Security.

  • I have a firewall; why should I worry?
  • Employees working from home have secured laptops, so there shouldn’t be a problem, right?
  • All our computers have anti-virus software installed, so they’re protected.
  • We use a highly-rated video conferencing platform, so it should has to be  secure.
  • Our IT guy updates our computers and fixes issues, so our network should be secure.

Implementing security features is a great start. Click here to learn why these steps are not enough to keep your network, personnel, and data secure.

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